Vegan Goods Market: THE place to be every month

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There’s a lovely little gathering of forward thinking people that takes place once a month in Cape Town. Despite having seen the event on social media for a few months, I was only able to go for the first time a few weeks ago. My expectations of the Vegan Goods Market were met – a meeting place for people with a passion for delicious, plant-based foods as well as for those interested in other aspects of more natural living.

When I arrived, I was on the hunt for Utopia Foods’ new cashew cheese – I was both disappointed and impressed to find that I was unfortunately too late to be able to purchase some of my own. Disappointed, of course, because I really wanted to get my hands on it (especially after tasting some samples), but impressed that the demand for vegan foods is on such a rise.

Anyway, I continued to browse around and ask questions about all the wonderful products. On my second lap, I decided to purchase some Phat Fox ice cream, a couple of crumbling, fresh peanut butter choc chip cookies, and some chocolate cashew yoghurt. I also ordered a “bacon and egg” (rice paper bacon and tofu egg) sandwich – I was super impressed by the dish and I made a mental note to bring some meat-eating friends along to try it sometime.

Despite having had lunch (theoretically), I noticed that there was some vegan lasagne on offer too, so I bought some and went and sat under the trees while munching on the meat free spin of a traditional dish, which of course included some more vegan cheese!

Before leaving, I headed back inside and bought a bar of animal-friendly orange flavoured soap – which I was supposed to use as a shampoo replacement but I haven’t quite mastered the art of making it work properly yet (more on this another time).

All in all, it was a pleasant excursion. And while the market is quite small, it has a cosy, personal feel to it. For me, simply the thought that there is enough interest to keep the market going is a pat of reassurance for the vegan movement as a whole. If you are ever free between 10am and 2pm on the first Saturday of the month, make your way down to Khanyisa Primary School in Plumstead to experience some vegan bacon and cashew cheese for yourself!

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